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   “Maggie’s List is a lifestyle that utilizes technology and social media to empower the Black community through conscientious and collaborative commerce”.


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“My husband and I created our wine company, Heritage Link Brands, because we love wine, we love Africa, and we wanted to partner with struggling communities like ours throughout the African Diaspora. We are so proud and blessed that our company has been able to represent and reinvest in entrepreneurs and communities of color all over the world. Maggie buys our products. Maggie tells her friends and supporters to do the same. Maggie has helped us meet and attract new customers and partners. Maggie’s story inspires us to give our best to our business, our community, and the wine industry.  And now Maggie’s List’s growing network of conscious consumers, committed partners, and quality entrepreneurs is destined to help us sustain, surpass, share, and spread our success!”

Selena Cuffe


Maggie’s List will be a major blessing to anyone who uses it and will be a phenomenal tool for empowering the African-American community. Maggie has been such a powerful advocate and one of the most effective voices surrounding the push for black economic empowerment, especially since her book, “Our Black Year,” was published. Maggie’s List is a logical extension of the commitment and passion exhibited by her, to dramatically alter how we relate to one another. Through Maggie’s List, we have an exciting opportunity to change the way we do business in the black community, availing ourselves of a medium that will be extremely beneficial to every consumer who uses it, while supporting black-owned enterprises. I urge individuals, churches, businesses, and civic and social organizations, and other groups to utilize Maggie’s List so that we can better shape our own destiny. We hold the keys to a brighter future for ourselves and  for generations to come. Maggie’s List is clearly one of the keys that will get us there!! Join me in being a part of a profound transformation!!

Rev. Dr. Jonathan L. Weaver

Pastor, Greater Mt. Nebo African Methodist Episcopal (AME)


I am a happily retired Africana-American who travels several times a year.  Having convenient access to information on Black owned places to visit and travel accommodations would be a great benefit in helping me find and support quality Black owned and operated hotels, restaurants, clubs and shops.  Further having a directory of Black manufacture products that I can find in the mainstream retail stores that I shop would be a benefit in my effort to support my community.

Jacqueline S.

Nutley, NJ

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Chester Riddick President Alpha Enterprise Group

A Look Back in Black History

Under the direction of the late Reverend Leon Sullivan, Progress Plaza, constructed in 1968, became the first shopping center developed, owned and managed by African Americans in the US.

The first black business directory arguably is The Negro Motorist Green Book. Commonly referred to simply as the “Green Book” it was an annual guidebook for African-American travelers during the era of Jim Crow.


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