iSwop Networks

iSwop is an integrated commerce and resource network serving the needs of diversity businesses and conscientious consumers

We provide custom business directories, news, case studies, video-taped seminars and workshops, and market data

Our mission is to help businesses create jobs through the development and promotion of community businesses who, through growth, will train and hire a workforce from within its community.

iSwop Network’s ultimate goal is to introduce a digital currency into the marketplace and use blockchain applications to enhance commerce within targeted communities.

Our Team

Broderick Byers

As visionary leader and CEO of iSwop Networks Broderick Byers aggressively moves the firm forward to its full potential as this Nation’s premier digital publisher of retail and business commercial content. In charge of overall strategy and direction of the firm, Broderick life’s work is the breath of this firm’s mission.

Broderick is best described as a born entrepreneur. From childhood, Broderick has had the entrepreneurial bug. He started with a shoe shine box, advanced to a newspaper route, was an “aggregator and reseller” of lost pens and pencils (3rd grade), had a typing service while in college (where he “employed” several people to type papers for other students).

Broderick’s strength is his vision and ability to identify market trends and to provide services to fulfill needs. He is considered a social entrepreneur who seeks to make a social impact while developing revenue streams to sustain projects. Examples of his past work include;

Brian Moody

Results oriented Digital and Marketing professional experienced in establishing vision and formulating strategies to meet business goals and objectives. A strategic thinker skilled in traditional, direct and digital marketing, website UI and UX and analytics for established companies and start-ups

Mr. Moody is an adept, collaborative leader with change management experience and a motivational management style that fosters high performing sales teams and productive relationships with staff, peers, and management.

• Strategic and Market Planning

• Web site development

• Budgeting and Expense Control

• Entrepreneurial/Start-up

• Search Engine Optimization

• Social Media/Email/Content Marketing

• Web Analytics/Success Measurement

• Journey Mapping/Business Requirements

• Ad Agency/Vendor Relationship Management

Steve Burgess